Environmental works are aimed at improving environmental conditions around us, are becoming more popular in line with the general trend of caring for the planet on which we live. 

Worth mentioning the actions caused by the elements, as a result of climate change. Within this type of environmental actions Imathia Construcción has successfully carryed:

  • Environmetal restructuring of rive basins,
  • Environmental impact corrective measures,
  • Improvements in parks and gardens,
  • Reforestation of green areas ,
  • Used-vehicle treatment plants and solid waste treatment plants in urban areas.
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Urban Recycling Centre and Used Car Recycling Centre construction in Podgorica

The Project includes:

  • Urban Solid Waste Treatment Plant with a Capacity of 25 T/h. Effective working time is 14 hours per day and 360 days per year
  • Out of Use Vehicles Treatment Plant, with a capacity of 20 out of use vehicles per day (8 hours), but aimed to reach the capacity of 45 vehicles per day (8 hours) in 36 months from the start-up of the plant.
  • Power plant / Transform Station DTS 10/0,4 KV - 630 KVA.
  • Supporting infrastructures: access roads, electrical installations, water supply network, fecal and rain water canalisation, sewerage, telecommunications, electronic entrance gate and fencing, etc).
  • Renovation works on the perimeter stone fence arround the main area

The Plant will have three areas with very different characteristics:

- Reception and Weighing Area

- Waste Unloading and Storage Area

- Treatment and recovered materials Storage Area 



Ayuntamiento de Podgorica (Montenegro)

Construction Dates

24 Aug 2009-20 Jun 2011 (Completed)