Imathia Construcción performs a wide range of development works for different municipalities and autonomic public authorities, overcoming common obstacles of these works kinds, as may be the traffic conditions, control and management of the various agencies responsibles for the deparments concerned, etc.

Either by the variety of works executed or the need to have a great ability to communicate with organizations, businesses, persons affected and developments, the cosntruction companies requires personnel with experience in all types of civil works in coordination with agencies companies and indiviuals with conflicting interests in many cases.

Imathia Construcción has highly qualified technical staff with extensive experience in this type of action. As proof of this, Imathia Construcción has executed various types of works of this kind:

  • Creation of new urbanizations
  • Old towns rehabilitation
  • New parks creation in urban areas
  • Rehabilitation and refurbishment of exisiting urban areas

Construction works for the redesign and redevelopment of Calatalifa Avenue in Villaviciosa de Odón

The works included a complete redesign of the area, including reinstallation of water, gas and electricity facilities, new pavement in pedestrian and vehicle areas, green area development, lighting and a playground.


Ayuntamiento de Villaviciosa de Odón (Madrid)

Construction Dates

24 Oct 2006-26 Dec 2006 (Completed)

Urban Development of the area "Madraza", in Granada

The area development consisted of demolition the existing roads, pavements, lightning system, sewage system and clean water, high and low voltage, gas, telephone and optical fibre.

The next stage was to divert utilities and replace them where necessary.

Green areas were also constructed.



Empresa Pública de Suelo de Andalucía (EPSA)

Construction Dates

25 Jan 2007-07 Oct 2010 (Completed)