Urban Recycling Centre and Used Car Recycling Centre construction in Podgorica

Location : Montenegro
Start Date : 24 August 2009
End Date : 20 June 2011
Budget : € 6,361,000
Status :


The Project includes:

  • Urban Solid Waste Treatment Plant with a Capacity of 25 T/h. Effective working time is 14 hours per day and 360 days per year
  • Out of Use Vehicles Treatment Plant, with a capacity of 20 out of use vehicles per day (8 hours), but aimed to reach the capacity of 45 vehicles per day (8 hours) in 36 months from the start-up of the plant.
  • Power plant / Transform Station DTS 10/0,4 KV - 630 KVA.
  • Supporting infrastructures: access roads, electrical installations, water supply network, fecal and rain water canalisation, sewerage, telecommunications, electronic entrance gate and fencing, etc).
  • Renovation works on the perimeter stone fence arround the main area

The Plant will have three areas with very different characteristics:

- Reception and Weighing Area

- Waste Unloading and Storage Area

- Treatment and recovered materials Storage Area 


Podgorica 1.jpg Podgorica 2.jpg Podgorica 3.jpg Solid Waste Plants file_1.jpg