Environmental Rehabilitation of Snagov Lake, including the construction a Water Treatment Plant, Romania.

Location : Snagov. Romania
Start Date : 13 May 2007
End Date : 22 November 2009
Budget : € 4,346,223
Status :


The project´s objetive is the cosntruction of a modern sewerage system in Snagov village area.

Works includes:

  • Construction of approx. 18 Km of 250 mm diameter, and approx. 13 Km of 400 gravity sewer pipes (including twice pipe jacking across the DJ 101 B road) plus costruction of new man rising main leading to a second holes and all ancillary works. The majority of this pipe laying will occur along the Snagov and Ghermanesti villages paved roads.
  • Intermediate pumping station construction, together with 775 m of 180 mm diameter pumping station. Construction of this second (final) pumping station, together with 4 Km of 400 mm rising main.
  • Design and cosntruction of a new waste water treatment plant, which sall comprise:

              - Screening

              - Grit removal

              - Acumulation, mixing and pre-aeration basin coupled with primary sedimentation compartment

              - Sewage pumping station

              - Biological treatment module

              - Air blowing station

              - Excess sludge acumulation/thickening basin

              - Thickened sludge pumping station

              - Sludge dehydration installation

              - Command and constrol module

              - All ancillary works

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