Motorway enlargement, motorway A-30 in Murcia, construction of the third lane carriageway between Murcia and the Puerto de la Cadena.

Location : Murcia
Start Date : 25 June 2009
End Date : 26 April 2011
Budget : € 3,651,680
Status :


The works consist in expanding platform in the A-30, in the urban section of Murcia, between Murcia and Murcia Centro Norte ladder tracks, in order to incorporate a third rail along this section.

For expanding the highway has been necessary to set back the pile Station Bridge, which crosses perpendicularly through the new transfer system loads the old piles to new construction, minimizing conditions and demolitions that have caused the demolition and subsequent reconstruction of the entire structure.

In the section on the Malecon viaduct structure has made the two independent unions structures of each road, enabling the gap for new lane between them, thus increasing for it the number of piles.

As a complementary action has urbanized the service road along the entire stretch.

All work has been done without affecting the highway traffic at any time during the day.