Tarragona-Barcelona-France Line. Km. Points 157+530 and 157+630 level crossing removal and construction of two pedestrian underpasses in Km. Points 157+495 and 157+630 and an underpass for vehicles. Municipality of Sant Celoni

Location : Barcelona
Start Date : 03 August 2008
End Date : 22 March 2011
Budget : € 4,585,000
Status :




The project goal is the removal of two level corssings in the municipality of Sant Celoni (Barcelona) an replacing three underpasses, two pedestrians and a third that will allow both the passage of vehicles and pedestrians

More detailed track works may include:

  • Updating of sleepers
  • Temporary beams and track supports installation and retrieval
  • Excavation under tracks
  • Installation of ballast
  • Installation and tretrieval of track supports
  • Fist levelling
  • Alignment and profiling of track
  • Second levelling
  • Dynamic stabilization





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