Motorway improvements. Foreslopping and inslope improvements in the A-2 Motorway, between Km Points 70+800 and 139+634, in both directions.

Location : Madrid / Castilla la Mancha
Start Date : 24 January 2006
End Date : 11 April 2007
Budget : € 474,989
Status :



The pronect´s objetive is the ditches lining with mass conscrete in median and foot slope at different points, located between Km. Points 70+800 and 139+634 of the A-2, in Guadalajara province. The works includes the following activities:
  • Topographical works.
  • Clear, clearing and shaping the land.
  • Execution of ditches lined with machine. Concrete works.
  • Execution of manual lined ditches. Masonry.
  • Placement and removal of temporary signs of work.


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