Road Safety. Intersection Remodeling in the N-320, Km. Points 277 +000 278 +000. Section: access to Guadalajara

Location : Guadalajara
Start Date : 18 May 2008
End Date : 16 April 2009
Budget : € 2,975,144
Status :


The aim is to improve road safety section in the N-320 between Km. Point 277+000 and the highway entry to Guadalajara in the connection to A-2, further complicated by the existence of an intersection at the same level with other vials of urban character, for access to installation in the area, suh as a hospital, sports facilites, etc.

Actions carried out:

  • Modification of grade line
  • Structures
  • Roadbed
  • Drainage
  • Singaling and beaconing
  • Affected services replacement
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