Road safety. Accesses redesign. N-432 from Badajoz to Granada, P.K. 190+000 to 224+200. Section: Peñarroya-Bélmez. Bélmez-Espiel turnoff (Córdoba). Spain.

Location : Badajoz y Granada
Start Date : 25 January 2007
End Date : 30 September 2007
Budget : € 1,685,123
Status :


The works carried out include the creation of new service roads on both sides and in different sections of the national highway N-432, between Belmonez and Peñarroya. It uses an underpass to communicate both existing service roads to avoid a level crossing with the main road. The traffic of the new service road, in additions to the national highway, is regulated by three new roundabouts. Also improved access to various businesses located along the road have been constructed. The above mentioned activities include the diversion of services affected by the works, the earthworks required for new subgrading, drainage both corss and longitudinal drainage, laying the subbase, the asphalt, provisional and final signalling both horizaontal and vertical.- 

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