Imathia Global

Imathia Global is an international Group passionate about creating solutions for the transport and railway infrastructure sectors. Imathia Global holds three companies within the Group:

  • VIMAC IMATHIA SA. ( Vimac Imathia was founded in 1967 and is part of the Imathia Global group since 2017. Vimac Imathia specialises in providing solutions within the Railway electrification sector. We have a solid and experienced workforce with proven track record in the following areas: Railway electrification, Maintenance, Civil works for railway, Energy.
  • IMATHIA CONSTRUCCIÓN SL. ( Imathia Construcción began business in 2004 as a construction company, with the main aim of becoming a benchmark in providing innovate Civil Works and Railway solutions.
  • CONSLUTRANS SA. ( Consultrans was founded in 1985 and over the last three decades Consultrans has specialized in creating innovative solutions for all modes of transport, road, maritime, air and rail transport, both passegner and freight.


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