Project Description


Tarragona-Barcelona-France line. Removal of the level crossings at Km points 157/530 and 157/630 by means of 2 pedestrian underpasses at Km points 157/495 and 157/630 and 1 vehicle underpass at Km point 157/921. Sant Celoni Municipality.

The purpose of the project is to remove two existing level crossings in the municipal territory of Sant Celoni (Barcelona) and replace them with three underpasses, two of them for pedestrians and a third one that will allow both vehicles and pedestrians to cross. The three underpasses are located under the Barcelona – France railway line (double track) and in an urban area.

The construction procedure for the two pedestrian underpasses consisted in placing a structure under the railway, cutting both rail tracks, removing the pairs, excavating, placing prefabricated caissons and restoring the rail track. Outside the area affected by the railway, ‘in situ’ structure.

The construction procedure for the vehicle underpass was a caisson jacked under the double track, the extension of the caisson gables on both sides of the track with in-situ walls and concrete walls. (Thrust area 646.30 m2).

Work was also carried out on the track, railway facilities, drainage, road surfaces and paving, restoration of affected services, lighting and signalling.



Sant Celoni, Barcelona




Ministry of Public Works. General Directorate for Railways Barcelona