ADIF and ADIF – Alta Velocidad have a fiber optic network of more than 24,000 km, which extends along the railway line, linking the main Spanish capitals and 152 Telecommunications Parks for the accommodation of the regeneration and transmission equipment of their telecommunications customers, which are mainly the large telecommunications companies operating in the national territory.

In IMATHIA Construcción SL we are responsible, among other tasks, for the electrical maintenance of the main government panel and its components, for keeping telecommunications operational with the Permanent Service Center (CAP), through the PLC unit (Programmable Automaton Control Unit), for carrying out the power increases of the different customer facilities within the park and for the proper functioning of the lighting.

Adif’s customers have their own spaces and facilities to house their management teams within the parks, in whose facilities, we guarantee the proper functioning of the electrical systems and permanent connectivity for monitoring by Adif’s CAP, which controls that all park systems are working without incidents, and which would activate the action protocols in case of detecting one.

We provide our maintenance services and emergency corrective intervention to the Adif Telecommunications Parks 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, having a maximum response time of 6 hours for the completion of the work and resolution of incidents in any of the 152 Telecommunications Parks of the national territory