Project Description


Execution of detail engineering, procurement and construction of a shunting yard with connection to the main railway line for the ammonia and urea plant.

This project began with the development of detail engineering for the shunting yard and the access that would connect the ammonia and urea plant with the main railway line.

The construction of the infrastructure consisted in clearing, stripping of material, cutting the land, providing foundation soil, shaping the embankment and construction of drainage works for water control. This included all the transport, supply and procurement of the necessary materials. The project also included the construction of the loading area, control and miscellaneous.

The construction of the superstructure for the shunting yard and access included the following activities: ballast laying and profiling, laying and assembly of rails, distribution and assembly of sleepers, levelling and alignment, installation of switches and accessories, welding, automation control and everything related to the superstructure of the shunting yard.