On December the 23rd we could finally see the best photos sent by Consultrans and Imathia’s team, for the photo contest.
It couldn’t have been closer! The excellent quality of the photos, as well as the imagination, and why not say it, luck in some cases, have resulted in fantastic images of those places in the world where we are developing our projects.

In addition, although virtually for most of us, Julián García Valverde, our president, wished us Merry Christmas and inform us that the contest will also be held in the coming years, as it is an excellent way to link Christmas and the result of the exercise, to “field work”, bringing the activity of the office closer to the reality of the daily work of the professionals who make up both companies.”

He also thanked everyone for the effort made and our capacity to adapt to teleworking, predicting a near future “without masks and so many precautions”, in which to be able to celebrate Christmas again “as always”.